Say hello to the new kid on the block... Hand Sanitizer Holders

2020 wouldn't be complete without pretty masks, social distancing, and now, your new bestie - your minimalist and stunning vegan leather hand sanitizer holder to keep you safe from the virus. 
Our ultra-cute sanitizer charms fit a 30ml (1oz) bottle, which is provided so don't worry about trying to fit your own, and is reusable because you can refill it anytime you need to. I mean, who doesn't own giant bottles of sanitizers these days?
These little cuties come in 4 gorgeous colors, Tan, Sable Gray, Sunset Pink & Caviar Black. We designed these with the mini tassel, a keyring and a snap hook keychain for easy installation onto your belt hook. You can ALSO personalize these sanitizers with gold foil, which is handwritten by me (Karla, a.k.a. @writtenwordcalligraphy). They are gonna be sooo stunning on your bag or outfit!!!
What are you waiting for? We've got this special launch offer where if you buy 4, you'll get 1 for free (that's a $35 value!). Get one for your every purse, and it's the perfect stocking stuffer too. Valid until November 19, 2020. 
These new besties of yours are shipping December 1st (or earlier!), and are coming in their own mini dust bag, just cause we're extra like that ;) 
Can't wait to see you all styling yourselves with these sanitizer holders! Which color is your fave? I seriously can't decide! Get one for yourself here. 


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