Our Team

(left, Heather, business + marketing director, right, Karla, product + creative director)

Behind the Brand

Lark & Ives was born to expand from creating beauty in weddings to creating beauty and meaning in everyday life.  Our brand is not simply about making things pretty - we are here to be an inspiration for crafting beautiful things with thoughtful function. 

About Karla 

Karla is a mom, calligrapher, and educator. She's the creative behind the look and feel of Lark and Ives. She's often busy working on the website, crafting new products and packaging, designing and photographing content for the brand, planning merchandising and setups for pop-up shops. When she's not so busy for Lark & Ives or her other biz Written Word Calligraphy, she's often seen running around with her son, spending time outdoors, or baking / cooking some new recipes at home. 

About Heather 

Heather is the travel connoisseur of the brand. She gets the brand to places. She's the marketing and sales arm of the business, and behind every partnership, trade show, pop-up shop, marketing strategy that we've implemented. Her tasteful aesthetic and passion for beautiful products that she gathers all over the world drives the direction of Lark and Ives. When she's not busy travelling all over the world and working for Lark and Ives, you will find her eating out at the next big "it" restaurant