10 "Get to Know You" Questions with Heather and Karla

Just in case the founders of Lark & Ives were still a bit of a mystery for you. Here are Heather and Karla's candid answers to ten "get to know you" questions. You might want to grab a snack to eat while you read, there's a lot of talk about food...

What are your travel must haves?

Karla: cellphone, camera, 

Heather: Clothes.

K: Yes, at least one cute outfit. I am a big comfortable shoe person, I have to have comfortable shoes and I almost always bring two pairs. And comfy sleeping clothes!

H: I definitely need to bring, like, the iPhone and a good camera for Instagram worthy shots. And a pair of heels… 

K: Ya, you like your heels. 

H: …makeup, and a cute outfit that matches the environment.


What’s your favourite place you’ve been?

H: Oh, that’s a hard one…

K: Paris?

H: I think it HAS to be Tokyo.

K: Really? Because that’s mine so... But, can I have two favourites? Japan in general is my favourite place for like anything. But, Maui is another favourite place because it’s got all that fresh Japanese food and then you’ve got the sea, the beach, and it’s so beautiful.

H: Ok, if I have to pick a second...it’s still Tokyo.


What’s your comfort food?

H: Uni don.

K: Ya, I do like my sushi but I also like my ramen. Instant noodles are like my guilty pleasure.


Describe your perfect day off.

K: I usually take Sundays off.

H: Sometimes it’s a random Wednesday. I like to take naps, that’s what I do. I would wake up, I would eat, take a nap, and then I’ll take another nap, and then I’ll nap again.

K: Maybe have zero access to social media and work. Really completely unplug. Then go on a hike with Clement and just go into nature. That’s what I'd really want to do.


What’s your next destination?

H: Oh, that’s also really hard one. Are we going to LA together?

K: I don’t know…

H: If we are heading to LA for our launch party then LA is our next destination. 

K: YOUR next destination, mine is Peru because that’s coming up earlier. I have a cooler one than you.

H: Ya, she’s going to Peru and I’m just heading over to LA. 

K: But, if we’re not going to LA together, your next one would probably be our Asia trip. 

H: Ya, so it would be Tokyo.

K: Ya! Tokyo, your favourite place!


What do you do when you need inspiration?

H: Um, I talk to people. 

Particular people?

H: Karla. Karla, inspire me! I show up at her door and tell her to inspire me.

K: What I do when I need inspiration is to go for a walk. I need to clear my mind and not think about it.


What’s your guilty pleasure?

H: I have A LOT on my list…so, to have uni all day and then have anything that’s fat and creamy and then go for Le Tea. 

K: I would join you. I would join you in those guilty pleasures right there.

H: You’d really have to go to Tokyo ‘cause you would have uni for breakfast and then toro for a snack, and then you would go for gyoza and then you go for a…

K: A soft serve ice cream!

H: A soft serve ice cream! And then it’s lunchtime and you go for uni again!

K: Yes! That’s right!

H: Ya! Done!

What about Karla's?

K: I actually would go for all of that right there!


TV shows or books? What’s your favourite?

K: We both like Game of Thrones.

H: Ya! Tv shows. G. O. T. All the way. Done.


When you travel, are you a planner or a free spirit?

K: I think this is where we differ. She’s probably closer to a free spirit because she wants to nap and go out and eat and she’s less about wanting to see stuff.

H: Ya, I’m a slow chic traveler.

K: Yes! She wants her instagram-worthy, money shot photos.

H: Ya, so that’s all I do I don’t need to see a lot of things. Because I’m just positive that I’m going to be there again for the second time.

K: Whereas for me I don't think I'll be back again anytime soon, so I’m always like “ok, today’s goal. We’re gonna do this, and this, and this!” I always have an itinerary planned out, like the restaurant we’re eating at and what we need to do, where we need to go... So, I’m definitely a more intense, go getter traveller.


What makes you passionate about travel?

H: Different cuisine. And understanding their culture, the art behind their food. And the art behind their lifestyle. I think that’s very attractive to me. I like to just hang out at a cafe and just watch people and eat.

K: I’m always curious about the culture behind the people and their stories.

H: Ya, like why they do what they do.

K: It’s different from us generally. I love to see their textures, what their products are. Food is one thing for me but I realize I’m really picky with food so there’s some food I probably wouldn’t taste. Like, I don’t know if I’m going to go to Peru and eat Guinea Pig…