2020 Year of the Rat Red Pocket DIY

Oh hello hello! This is Karla, back again for another printable and DIY- we know you love them. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and we are looking forward to the delicious meals, almond cookies and tons of family time (even though it feels like we just had the holidays!). It's customary for us to give red pockets to the next generation and of course Heather and I had to design something cute. 

Say hello to our printable Year of the Rat Red Pocket! 

Aren't they so cute? They're so easy to put together too. Here's what you'll need: 

  • A color printer 
  • Printable File 
  • Scissors 
  • Cutter 
  • Double Sided Tape

Step 1: 

Print out the printable using a color printer. I don't think this is going to work with a black and white printer, so use a color printer for this one. 

Step 2: 

Cut out the red pockets from the sheet. Make sure you are cutting the white line that borders the red pocket, instead of cutting the outside, as that is the bleed. Also use the cutter for the white dashed line for the envelope flap. 

Step 3: 

Fold in the outer flaps so you have a rectangle. Unopen them as we still need to adhere them. 

Step 4: 

Use the double sided tape on the bottom and the side flap, so that when you fold the flaps back in, it would adhere everything together. 

Step 5: 

Slip the flap in the slit and you are finished! 

If you prefer to watch from a video, here's a youtube video on it! 


I can't wait to see your beautiful printable DIY red pockets, and hopefully your recipients would love them as much as we do! 





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