5 Ways to Make Your Summer Outfits Extra Eye-Catching

Ahh! We've just been loving the extra-hot sunny days, shorts weather, ice-cold drinks, and of course summer outfits are just so fun to put together. Just sharing a couple of fun ideas to accessories your outfits, downsize your big bags, especially for that quick trip to the ice cream food truck! 

Here are some of our faves: 

Idea # 1: Wear our card purses on your fave denim shorts!

And customize that look with our calligraphy monogram pins ;) 

Idea # 2: Don your sunhat with your name on it ;)

Another awesome way to use our calligraphy pins

Idea # 3: Dreaming of Hawaii? So are we!

Our super cute Hawaii pins attached to our origami-inspired minimal luggage tag. We literally just use it to accessorize our basket bag, not actually for luggage.  

Idea # 4: Go minimal with our flat cardholder

Ditch the coins, leave the cash, and just bring your essentials with our bi-color flat cardholder

Idea # 5: Itching to travel? I know, i know. So are we. 

Can't wait until we can really travel! But for now... it's okay to dream :) Our monochromatic look with the passport holder, and my personal fave wallet, the zippered cardholder. I use this everyday instead of my big bulky wallet!

What are your summer essentials?


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