Create Your Own Baby Memory Board

To celebrate the launch of our Bambino set, now available on the shop, we thought it would be so apt to make a little DIY board to show you the many ways you can use these ultra-adorable pins! Our Bambino set features our baby-inspired pins, such as a baby bottle, a pram, a teddy, a rattle, a baby elephant... and everything cute baby-related. While they're obviously not child-safe, you can easily still use these pins to decorate your home, or office. As a new mom or mom-to-be, you just want to be able to treasure these moments, and this little project should be easy to do! This one we made especially for our dear friend Carol who is expecting her first baby in a few weeks time (eek!) so we wanted her to have a little keepsake. 

Things you'll need: 

  • Small Cork Board (we just got a small one from the dollar store)

  • Canvas or Linen Fabric (we like canvas because linen wrinkles so easily!)

  • Stapler

  • Lark and Ives Bambino Pins

  • Lark and Ives Monogram Pins in your child's name

  • Ultrasound pictures, quotes, and everything memorable like their favorite toy or first outfit

Step 1: Cut a piece of fabric about 3 inches around the cork board. 

If the fabric isn't flat enough, take some time to iron the fabric so that it does not have a lot of wrinkles. 

Step 2: Staple the fabric onto the cork board

Depending on the thickness of the cork board, choose a staple gun that has the right sized staple so that it doesn't penetrate through the other side. Staple the fabric on by pulling on the edges. Make sure it's nice and tight!

Step 3: Pin your memorabilia with our lark & ives pins

Snippets of your pregnancy and birthing journey with this child such as a sonogram picture, hospital tags, meaningful quotes, first socks or bonnet, a little toy, will all make this board extra special. 

This board in particular, we were making for our dear friend who's having her first baby, Nolan! We're so excited to gift it to her as she anticipates her little one this April. 

Hope you loved this little DIY!


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