Finally, a minimal card case for my rogue cards!

While we were at one of our pop-up's, some of our customers mentioned how they really want us to start carrying card cases, something to hold all the other cards they have to carry around. While they love our minimal look, if they do need to hold some gift cards or points cards, they wanted something that matched our palette! So, we came up with our petite card case

lark and ives petite card case

I personally love this card case because it's so minimal - it's just 4.25 x 3 inches petite, and it's expandable - you can hold as many as 20 cards in it, and even more if you've got too many. 

What can you hold in it? Well that's your call! I've stuck in gift cards, business cards, charging cables... 

Here's a little snapshot of our petite card case in Cafe Rose, with a lipstick in it, too! Also, this mini cardholder is available in Caviar Black, Fawn, and Oyster Beige. Fawn is our new color that is only available in the petite card case - it's just this perfect shade of taupe! 

mini card case

If you're feeling rather creative, you can even add a crossbody strap to your card case and wear it!! It's seriously the cutest mini bag that can hold your essentials! 

I can't stop telling you how much I love this little thing. I think it's an essential addition, especially if you love your totes! No more rummaging through your bag, no more bulky wallets - keep things separate with all your non-essential cards in this card case, and the rest in your slim zippered cardholdernude card case



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