Introducing the She Inspires Candles Collection

The She Inspires Candle Collection by Lark & Ives is a proud project that is so dear for our team and aligns with ourbrand value of women empowerment and gender equality.
Meet our signature scents that are refreshing and instantly uplighting:
Ame - Soul; Amber Bergamot – Fruity, and subtly floral with a mild spicy tone.
Espoir - Hope; Fig Citrus – A balance of warm fig mixed with refreshing citrus scent
Valeur - Courage; Amber Orchid – Sweet vanilla orchid flowers with undertone of musky amber
Vie - Life; Orange Blossom – Refreshing, florally and lively.

Behind every candle that is poured, is a story about a brighter future. Whether your candle-maker is a woman fleeing persecution, a war widow, or a mother escaping poverty, her strength and resilience have led her to North America.
She is rebuilding her life one candle at a time. Each artisan candle comes in a beautiful satin dust bag. 

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