Itching to travel? Us too!

Travelling has always been close to my heart. Since I work from home, I only really count travelling as my form of "vacation". And there's just something so fun about pretending you don't have any other responsibilities than just to have fun, exploring, eating delicious food and making memories. 

hawaii push pins

Well, Lark & Ives started from a travel story. Lark is a migratory bird, and ives is a play on the latin word aves, which means a bird. We initially wanted to simply create pins that commemorated all our beautiful trips all over the world. We wanted that when we travelled somewhere, we would also see our travel pins in those souvenir shops! And actually, we now do have some of our pins in various countries abroad. We have our San Francisco pins, Japan pins, Hawaii pins, France pins, and New York pins, too! 

And so, to continue our travel story, we also created these origami style minimal luggage tags, and travel wallets, so of course people started asking us when we will launch passport holders! After much deliberation, we decided to create a minimal, folio-style passport holder.

minimal passport holder

We didn't want it to be too complicated, as we knew a lot of border officials preferred no passport holders, so we made ours simple so you can take out your passport easily, but still be organized enough to hold your other travel essentials - like your boarding pass, lounge tickets, etc. 

luggage tag and passport holder

Since the whole COVID situation happened, all of our travel plans have been cancelled / postponed, but it's only making the anticipation more exciting for us! Where are you guys planning to go next? If you're looking forward to it - so are we. Make sure you're ready to travel with our ultimate travel bundle!

travel wallet, passport holder and luggage tag

The vegan leather travel accessories bundle includes our new passport holder, zippered card holder and luggage tag. The zippered card holder is an awesome alternate wallet, that way you can hold your essentials cards for travelling, and also some cash in the foreign currency. I've always brought in an extra wallet when I travel so that I'm not holding everything I would usually bring around when I'm at home.

Honestly, there's more that we would add to this - like personalization! You can add our monogram lapel pins, or add personalization to your cardholder or passport holder, too! The opportunities are endless :) 

I can't wait for us to travel vicariously with you through our Lark & Ives travel vegan leather accessories



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