Reasons Why This is My Next Slim Cardholder Wallet

Okay, I'm not going to sugar-coat it, but this is going to be my next wallet. I've been using my Latte Card Purse for awhile, and I think it's time for a change. Now, the biggest problem that I'm facing - I seriously cannot decide what color to get this time around! Can you help me decide? I've always been such a classic person, but this one has definitely gotten me in the slumps. 

  • Choice # 1: Black. Classic, elegant, but I'm not sure if I want to do black this time around. The other colors seem way more fun! 
  • Choice # 2: Cafe Rose. This is usually Heather's choice of our products, I love it, but I've always been a Latte lover. 
  • Choice # 3: Oyster Beige. This is our new Latte color, but somehow I feel like for this longer wallet, I'm loving the Cafe Rose look a bit more. 
  • Choice # 4: Lavender Fog. I personally hand-picked this shade of muted purple, because it was a color I normally don't love! But this one though... is so eye-catching and seriously perfect for summer. 

Anyway, I'll definitely have to mull it over the next couple of days. But I wanted to share with you why I love this longer, slim zippered cardholder so much. 

Reason # 1

It has a zipper!!! I mean, a zippered portion! I love my card purse, but I still hold coins every now and then, and it's just not conducive for it. With this little zippered partition, I now can put all my coins in one place. I've also decided that's where my rouge receipts can go! 

cardholder with zipper

Reason # 2

It can hold up to 10 cards! So the card purse is great, it can comfortably hold 4-6 cards, but realistically though, it can hold more than that. The slots are large and you can put more than two in one pocket. But, this sleek cardholder actually has 10 dedicated slots, 5 on each side. To keep its shape, I would only put one card on each slot. This mama has lots of cards even though I try to be minimal, so it's seriously perfect for me. 

zippered cardholder

Reason # 3

I just really, really love the SHAPE of this long cardholder. I think it's so stylish, yet so functional all at the same time. I love that it's longer, it really elevates your every-day look while being so versatile, all at the same time. I've been thinking of pairing it with our new ultra-cute tag keychain actually, so that it can also hold my keys. Now, I only need to just grab this one thing, and I'm set! Should I choose a contrasting color, or should I stick with monochrome??? Decisions, decisions! Why am I making this SO hard for myself? 

long cardholder with zipper

But anyway, I hope you fall in love with this essential vegan leather cardholder just like me, because it's seriously to-die-for, your friends are gonna ask you where you got it! :) 



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