Welcoming Spring with Hope

It's surreal, isn't it?
It's truly an unprecedented season of our lives where the entire world is brought down to its knees, and it's overwhelming and truly saddening. We want you to know that you are at the heart of what we do, and we are committed to being responsive and responsible with all of your safety in mind.
Our commitment to you is that Larkandives.com will continue to serve our community and we have exercised extra precautionary measures with all of our products and distribution.  Although there may be delays in the following weeks if there may be any nationwide post office disruptions, we as a team are committed to be here for you and be responsive to all of your questions.
We want to also take this time as a chance to slow down, reflect on what's the most important to us, as well as to be grateful to all the medical team who are on the front line of this pandemic. We're sending you a little printable to help you welcome spring with a bit of hope, that we will go through this together. Download this floral quote printable here. 

"It is during the hard times when the hero within us is revealed"

- Heather & Karla and our Team at Lark & Ives

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