xoxo Heather How I quit my Day Job to land my Dream Job

Back in 2014, I finally finished my Accredited Appraisal licensing (4 years of University + 2 years of exams!). And guess what, I quit after working one full month as an AACI Real Estate Appraiser, a career I have dedicated so much of my time to land. Deep inside my heart, I knew for a long time I had an entrepreneurial dream and I wanted a career to fulfill my creative needs.

And as a Realist, here is my tip for you - start with baby steps! 6 months prior to quitting my job, I have already been saving up money as well as started my side wedding business gig “Chandelier Wedding” while working full time. I was exhausted for those 6 months, paving my way to quitting. When I have finally reached my goal of booking 10 weddings in the 2014-2015 wedding season - that was when I know I can quit my job and that my side business can be developed into a full time gig. I also knew I had to make the decision to quit if I ever want to grow my business to the scale I have envisioned.

I have come to realize that there is never a “best” time to quit, but I say “be ready and be so so prepared” and take that leap of faith. It will never be easy, but working very very hard and being the most prepared in the room will take you a long way!

xoxo, Heather

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